Smiles on Wheels – Service experiment!

Each day I wake up asking myself,service

“How can I be of more service?”

“What can I do today which can bring meaning to my life and everyone else around me?” 

“How will I bring more Smiles and create a boomerang effect of Love and Joy?

So here I was planning my trip to Mumbai post noon and Vaibhav ( me a night prior with sheer excitement of experimenting with Free Drop Service Experiment. At first I was wondering will I be able to manage considering I had to drive to Mumbai and back same day in couple of hours. Suddenly my morning questions flashed before me and the thought of seeing people smile brought a new joy in my heart and I agreed to be a part of this.

Free drops anywhere In pune - Placard / Vaibhav
Free drops anywhere In pune – Placard / Vaibhav

Pooja , Vaibhav and Me took off to airport and waited on the road wondering what would the response be? Will we have people boarding the car considering the factor that these days people are more in “fear factor” of will they be safe with stories of fleecing floating around. With a thought in our heart, that what we were doing will create more trusting space and more openness made us even more excited.

vaibhav and me

I had no co-pilot so there was a concern space of “will I be safe and will it okay for me to drop men“? That point the only thought was that can we rise above genders and simply see others as human beings. Interestingly, I had 3 passengers one of them was a Theosophical teacher who was so elated and spoke about how Women now need to be more daring and come in open to serve which he had read in an interesting article by #Shobhaa De  (  )

This actually answered the concerns voiced out earlier that it’s alright to serve and be more human then women or men.

The other passenger was a little skeptical and he kept asking me through out the journey,

“Why was I doing this?” “What’s our motive”? to which my response constantly was that it’s a calling of the heart and bringing smiles brings me joy. More about this Vaibhav has posted on his blog , please read .

Post dropping everyone , 3 of Us gathered together and were on energy high by simply giving. Together we agreed that “In giving we receive” and that we must continue to do this more frequently.

Their Smiles are infectious as much as their heart and mind
Their Smiles are infectious as much as their heart and mind

Lots of Gratitude to @VaibhavDugar for this brilliant idea and allowing me to a part of this awesome space and to my sweetheart @PoojaBanwari who’s support, smile and excitement made it all happen.

Signing off with Joy !

Love and Smiles 🙂


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